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     Welcome to Love From The Inside-Out Inc. F/K/A InvestBack Community Empowerment Inc., we are a 501(c)(3) charity located in Palm Beach County, Florida . We are founded on the principal of love, which is God’s greatest commandment. Our charge is to empower those in our community by providing support, opportunity, mentorship, and love. Our desire is to invest back into our communities with our time, resources, dedication, and commitment. We will seek to provide outreach missions to extend a helping hand, educational resources, and self-enrichment programs. The goal is to see future generations create a generational cycle that will be equipped to invest back and lift up the next generation to ensure a better tomorrow. We sincerely thank you for visiting our website and we appreciate any support to further our cause.


     The creation of this heartfelt foundation was birthed out of the pain of losing my beloved sister Melissa “Lucy-Lu” Mitchell on

December 8, 2015 to Domestic Violence.  

Dedicated to the memory of Melissa "Lucy Lu" Mitchell 6/28/1983 - 12/8/2015


To acclimate those in our community and abroad with the art of self-love. To aid in the process of teaching and educating generations that love starts within. One day at time, one person at a time, love will start from the inside-out.

Our mission is to stimulate our community through love. To connect the gap between brokenness and wholeness through outreach, mentorship, and empowerment. To inspire generations to adopt the agape love of God by creating an atmosphere for love to thrive.

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